General Terms of Use - Term of sales

General Terms of Use

Last update: 02/03/2023

ARTICLE 1: Purpose

The purpose of these general conditions of use "CGU" is to provide a framework for the terms provision of the site accessible at the address (the "site") and of the platform at (the "Platform") and their use by the user (the "User"). The T&Cs must be accepted by any User wishing to access the site. They constitute the contract between the site and the User. Access to the site by the User signifies his acceptance of these general conditions of use.

ARTICLE 2: Legal Notice

The site is published by the company FEEL PARISIEN SARL registered with the RCS of Paris under the number 823 680 004 with capital of €29,400 including the head office is located at 16, rue Dugommier 75012 Paris. The Director of publication is Madame Perle Ceccomori. The site is hosted by the company AWS.

Section 3: Access

The site is accessible free of charge anywhere and at all times to any User having access to Internet. All costs borne by the User to access the service (computer equipment, software, Internet connection, etc.) are at his charge. The site implements all the means at its disposal to ensure quality access. It's not about that of an obligation of means. Any event due to a case of force majeure resulting in a malfunction of the network or the server does not engage the responsibility of the site. Access to the site may be subject to interruption, suspension, modification without notice for maintenance or for any other operation. The User accepts and acknowledges that no compensation following the interruption, suspension of access to the site is due.

ARTICLE 4: Intellectual Property

Trademarks, logos, signs and any other element of the site belong to the site and cannot be freely reproduced by a User. The User undertakes not to reproduce any of the elements of the site.

ARTICLE 5: Personal data

The site provides the User with the collection and processing of personal information in the respect for privacy in accordance with the law no. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to computing, files and freedoms.

Feel Parisien data usage policy

The platform informs students of administrative procedures to settle in France and the team can provide more help if subscribed options. The policy for the use of data covers our site as well as our Internet platform and also our relationships with our customers, partners and students who benefit from our services. We apply the same standards to maintain the policy data usage regardless of profiles or how these people interact with us.

In this context, Feel Parisien undertakes to respect all the legislation applicable in the matter and more particularly the Regulation General on Data Protection No. 2016/679 (GDPR).

How do we collect your personal information on our Platform?

We receive email addresses from students beneficiaries of our services thanks to our schools partners or via the e-commerce site. Afterwards we optionally collect dataon nationality, place of birth and any other information (passport, letter acceptance in their French establishment, payslip from their guarantor...) allowing the installation of students in France. On our site we resort to the use cookies and web beacons to be able to track user experience and journey.

Why collect all this information?

We collect personal data about students in order to enable us to fulfill our obligations and to provide our services. In this context, this collection and processing are based on our legitimate interest in providing you with our services.

How long do we keep your data ?

Once the student has been able to take advantage of all the services he has contracted or which have been contracted on his behalf by his school, we erase his data after 15 months unless he does not choose to remain under the supervision of Feel Parisian.

What are our measures we take to ensure the security of your information personal?

All documents are kept on our platform until all documents necessary for the provision of services for the benefit of the student have been fulfilled.

Access to these files is restricted to persons working at Feel Parisien as well as at its school if those are our customers and our partners if they are affected by a subscription request. This permission from data subjects is given on our platform. In accordance with the GDPR, our company undertakes to take all necessary precautions, with regard to the nature of the data and the risks presented by the processing, to preserve the security of your personal data and, in particular, to prevent that they are not deformed, damaged, or that unauthorized third parties have access to it.

What are the rights and remedies of individuals who provided this information personal?

It is possible to access, erase or correct the student profile directly on the Platform.

It is also possible to exercise a right to oppose the processing of data sending an email to:

If you no longer wish to receive emails from the part of Feel Francais, just click on the unsubscribe button of the last email received of Feel Francais and follow the instructions to Unsubscribe. Feel Parisien may update this policy data at all times.

ARTICLE 6: Liability

The information published on the site is deemed reliable. However, the site cannot guarantee reliability. The User alone assumes full responsibility for the use of information and content of this site.

The responsibility of the site cannot be engaged in case of force majeure or the unforeseeable and insurmountable act of a third party.

Terms of Sales

Last update: 02/03/2023

Please read these carefully general conditions of sale (hereinafter “TOS”). Their purpose is to define the terms and conditions under which the Students access the site and benefit from Services Offered and Provided by the Company.

It is specified for all practical purposes that the Company operates independently and cannot be bound by any third party company that it would recommend as part of the Services offered on the site.

As such, there is no relationship of subordination between the Company and any third party company providing Services for which the Company supports students.

1. Definitions

Student(s)” designates the persons individuals who use the site at the purposes of benefiting from the Services.

Party” designates either the Company or students.

"Platform" means the online space made available disposal of the Students after the communication by the Company or the creation of an identifier and a password on which they can benefit from the Services of the Company.

Profile” designates all the information entered by the Students and bringing together all information about them.

"Site" refers to the website of the Company accessible at from which the Platform is accessible.

Company” designates the company FEEL PARISIEN, SARL, with a capital of 29,400 Euros, whose registered office is located at 12, rue Dugommier 75012 Paris, registered in the Trade and Paris companies under number 823 680 004.

2. Acceptance and modification of the T&Cs

Use of the Platform is subject to the express acceptance of the T&Cs.

At any time, the Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify the T&Cs. All change will take effect immediately after its posting on the Platform. In case of refusal of the T&Cs as amended, the Students should refrain from continuing to use the Platform and the Services provided therein.

Otherwise, the use of Platform Services will be considered as an acceptance of the T&Cs as well modified.

3. Access to the Platform

Access to the Services available and offered on the Platform requires prior communication an identifier and a password. This password and username are provided by the Company to Students who are users of our customers or who request it via the site and/or by any means made available by this last.

4. Creation of an account on the Platform

The communication of an identifier and a password pass allows Students to have a account on the Platform from which they benefit from the various Services offered by the Company.

In order to enable the Company to provide such Services, Students undertake to inform the information requested at the time of creation of an account and in particular: name, first name or any other information that will be requested on the Platform at the time of registration. This will constitute their Profile. By creating an account on the Platform, the Students authorize the Company to communicate information and requests to all third-party companies for the sole purpose of fulfilling and the provision of the Services by the Company.

5. Services

The Company offers a wide range of Services to Students in order to facilitate their integration during of their arrival in France as part of their studies.

In this context, the Company offers, without this is exhaustive or limiting, to accompany the Students, in the search for accommodation, their administrative procedures, their subscription to the transportation network.

The precise list of Services offered by the Company is available on the Platform and subject to change at any time, this which the students accept.

In addition, the Services provided are provided within the only conditions decided by the Company especially in terms of deadlines. Students do not may require a modification of the Services supplied.

Furthermore, Students are fully responsible for the Services they request from of the society.

Finally, in the event of cancellation of any service whatsoever, the fees paid to the Company may be refunded within 7 days except for the pre validation of visa and management fees, applied as agent, for housing.

6. Price

Access to the Platform for the purpose of benefiting from the Services offered by the Company is subject to the payment of the price decided by the Company as it appears on the site at the time of the request access to the Platform.

The subsequent communication of a word of password and an identifier and access to part of the Platform is free.

Access to the entire Platform is made in return for payment of the price and its receipt by the Company.

7. Access and availability of the Platform

The Company provides Students with the Platform in good working order. Access to the Platform is possible 24 hours a day. 24, 7 days a week, subject to possible breakdown and maintenance intervention necessary for the proper operation of the Platform.

Students are fully aware that access to the Platform may be suspended at any time moment, without notice and without any indemnity is due to the Student and this, for carry out maintenance and commissioning operations up to date.

8. Limitation of liability of the Company

It is reminded for all practical purposes that the Company is liable only in the event of a breach of its part of the T&Cs.

The Platform is provided as is.

The Company cannot be held responsible for a malfunction of the site and the Platform, such as a lack of availability.

The Company is only bound by an obligation to means in this regard.

Within the limits of the applicable legislation, the Company cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage including loss of profits, margins, customers, data of any kind.

The Company cannot be held responsible for any malfunction of any kind either relating to the IT equipment of the Students and their Internet connection when they access the Platform.

The Company assumes no responsibility for events characterized by force majeure as defined by case law applies.

The Company cannot be held responsible for regarding the Services and the actions of a third-party company that she would have recommended, as well than any damage that may result.

9. Intellectual property

The Company is the sole owner of all rights of intellectual property relating to the Platform, including architectural copyright General of the Platform as well as all documents made available on the Platform.

More specifically, the Company owns all intellectual property rights in the Platform, its structure, its content in any any form (texts, images, videos in particular) as well as on the distinctive signs of the Platform such as in particular the name FEEL PARISIAN and FRENCH FEEL.

Under no circumstances can the T&Cs be interpreted as creating any transfer of rights to Students.

Students agree not to disclose, copy or reproduce accessible documents on the Platform under penalty of prosecution possible for acts of counterfeiting.

10. Personal data

By accessing the Platform, Students acknowledge and accept that the data to be personal character they provide are communicated to the Company for the purposes of the execution of the T&Cs and the provision of the Services so offered.

The Company attaches great importance to the protection of the personal data of Students. In this regard, the Company undertakes to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act and Libertés n°78-17 of January 6, 1978.

The Company has issued a declaration of processing of personal data that it implements within the framework of a normal statement that was recorded by the CNIL under number 2062850 on May 11, 2017.

Thus, in accordance with the provisions of the Act Computing and Liberties, Students have:

  • The right to object to the processing of their personal data in the context of Company Services;
  • The right to oppose the transfer of their personal data to third parties;
  • The right to access all of their personal data;
  • The right to rectify, modify and delete their personal data.

The data thus collected will be kept in accordance with legal provisions applicable and in any case for a duration that does not exceed the duration necessary for the purposes for which they were collected.

11. Duration and termination

Each Party may terminate the T&Cs at any time by unsubscribing from the platform.

If the Company learns that in any way either that a Student did not respect one of the provisions referred to herein and/or a legal provision by resorting to the Platform, the Company reserves the right to suspend access to the Platform of this Student.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, the Company may also decide to terminate the T&Cs immediately as of right in the event of default by a Student.

In any event, the T&Cs may be terminated, without prejudice to all damages that may be claimed by the Company and without the Student being able to claim any refund or compensation for damage what possibly suffered by itself or any third party.

In addition, it is specified that the Services tailor-made support programs are made one time. For example, in the context of the looking for an apartment, the Company will only accompany a Student for one apartment.

12. Withdrawal

Students acknowledge and agree that the Services provided by the Company are Services tailor-made which are provided upon payment of the price to access the Platform.

Consequently, they declare that they waive any time limit for withdrawal.

13. Privacy

Each Party undertakes to respect the character confidentiality of any confidential information indicated as such and received or made available to a Party and not to disclose the confidential information to any third party without prior authorization in writing, except as set forth herein T&Cs.

14. Miscellaneous

These T&Cs constitute the entirety of the agreements between the Parties and supersede any other written or oral agreement concerning the subject of the present and which would have occurred before the date acceptance of these T&Cs.

In the event of the invalidity of the provisions of these T&Cs, it will be deemed unwritten without this having any impact on other provisions which retain their strength.

15. Applicable law and competent court

The T&Cs are subject to French law.

In the event of difficulty, particularly in the interpretation, performance or termination of CGV, the Parties will make their best efforts to resolve this dispute amicably. Otherwise, all dispute will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts located within the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal of Paris or, failing that, in accordance to the applicable legislation.